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About CPD

Certifications for Professional Development (CPD) was established to provide professionals at all levels with affordable, accessible and enjoyable online training opportunities.

Continuing professional development has become a key identifier in the eyes of employers, both when recruiting candidates and nurturing career development.  Reaching your full potential in any industry or capacity means committing yourself to ongoing development and embracing every opportunity to grow and evolve.

Experience and Expertise

As experienced providers of elite online study programs, we know what it takes to bring out the full potential of every candidate.  Whether pursuing promotion or looking to take your career in an entirely new direction, a high-quality e-learning programme could make all the difference.

Each of the courses we offer provides the opportunity to earn recognised qualifications or certificates of completion, demonstrating your new skills and knowledge.  We also offer comprehensive tutor support from start to finish, giving every candidate the best possible chance of success.

Get in Touch

We’re constantly updating and refining our courses and research materials, in order to provide you with the most relevant and engaging learning experience possible.  If you cannot find the course you require on our website, simply get in touch with the Certifications for Professional Development (CPD) customer service team for more information.

Your future is in your hands – it begins with CPD.

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