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CPD online and e-learning in general have over recent years become the new standard for the provision of and participation in CPD activities. 

CPD Training Online can earn employees the kinds of recognised qualifications and certificates that were once previously exclusive to classroom-based training.  The most immediate benefit of  CPD online is the immense reduction in costs for the business.  It typically costs at least 50% to 75% less to provide employees with online training opportunities, compared to equivalent classroom-based courses.

Some of the other benefits of online CPD programs and courses include:

  1. Convenience.  Online learning eliminates the logistics involved in both setting up traditional training sessions and travelling to their location.  This amounts to enormous time and cost savings for the business.
  2. Variety.  The sheer scope of online courses and training programs available right now is immense.  For any employee at any level and in any industry area, there are countless options for taking CPD to a higher level.
  3. Accessibility.  One of the biggest benefits of online learning is 24/7 access to every training programme, resource and course materials required.  Pursuing CPD online means working at a time and pace that suits you.
  4. Expert help. Studying online for recognised qualifications also includes full tutor support as standard.  This kind of one-on-one expert assistance is usually excluded from traditional training sessions and events.
  5. Time. Online training courses, can typically be completed in 50% of the time that would be required for a traditional, classroom-based alternative.  This in turn allows those committed to CPD to take part in a greater number of online activities and earn any number of qualifications.

What are the Benefits of CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is beneficial for both employers and employees alike in a number of ways.  In an increasingly competitive environment, CPD is becoming something of an expectation among those employers in search of only the most outstanding recruits available.

Employee Benefits

For employees, CPD is an effective means by which all key skills and knowledge can be kept up-to-date and relevant.  Over time, the weight carried by any qualification at any level inevitably diminishes.  In order to ensure that the professional standard of all registrations and qualifications is maintained, employees must commit to ongoing personal development.

CPD is not a one-time-only venture and nor is there such thing as completion.  Instead, it is about continually building both confidence and credibility, while demonstrating total commitment to ongoing improvement to employers. When evidence of CPD can be produced in the form of certificates, qualifications and other accolades, career prospects naturally broaden and improve. 

In a digital world with instant access to infinite online resources, CPD has never been more open or accessible for employees at all levels.

Employer Benefits

For employers, CPD helps ensure that the organization’s standards remain both high and consistent at all times. CPD is about nurturing employees to reach their full potential, both for their own benefit and for that of the business.  It ensures that employee knowledge, skills and competencies are not allowed to stagnate, but are instead continually refined, enhanced, updated and improved.

CPD also demonstrates total commitment to employee advancement on the part of the employer.  It creates an enjoyable, engaging and challenging working environment, providing employees with the opportunity to grow and evolve.  Staff morale and workforce retention rates can both be improved with CPD, enabling employers to train, develop and hold onto the most valuable human resources the workforce has to offer.

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