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What is CPD?

Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to an ongoing process of learning and development, undertaken by professionals and valued by businesses. CPD applies to any activity (or combination thereof) undertaken as a means by which to enhance and improve skills, knowledge, competencies and relevance in any professional capacity.  Typical examples of CPD activities include online study programs, professional development courses, self-directed studies at home, reading relevant journals, attending conferences and so on. See the list of professional courses here

How is CPD Measured?

There are many aspects of CPD which cannot be measured or demonstrated in a physical capacity.  For example, you may vastly improve your knowledge of a subject by studying at home, but have no way of verifying this to a prospective employer.  By contrast, other approaches to CPD (like online training programs) result in the provision of certificates, or perhaps even recognised qualifications.  For obvious reasons, these tend to carry significantly more weight in terms of career opportunities and advancement.

Who Should Commit to CPD?

Quite simply, anyone looking to reach their full potential in terms of both competencies and career prospects should consider professional development training courses.  Taking a passive approach to career development is a guaranteed way of fading into the background.  By contrast, those who are proactive and embrace every opportunity to improve themselves will always stand out as the most promising prospects to employers.  Regardless of your current position, capabilities and chosen industry, there are always limitless options for ongoing personal development.

How Do Employees Benefit from CPD?

Employees can benefit from commitment to CPD in a multitude of ways, which include but are by no means limited to the following:

  • Gain and maintain a competitive advantage over peers
  • Become more proficient, capable and confident in your current job
  • Stand out as an ideal candidate for promotion
  • Improve salary and benefit packages through proven dedication
  • Enhance your reputation and self-confidence
  • Use new skills and knowledge to branch out into new areas
  • Enjoy much broader and more rewarding career prospects

How Do Employers Benefit from CPD?

More employers than ever before are actively encouraging CPD, having identified a multitude of potential benefits which include:

  • Significant improvements to workforce performance
  • More capable, reliable and consistent employees
  • Improved staff motivation and morale
  • Significantly better employee retention rates
  • Enhanced workforce commitment
  • A greater capacity to promote from within
  • Unlocking the hidden potential and talent of existing employees

What is Online CPD?

Online CPD simply refers to any short- or long-term activities performed for the purposes of self-improvement, which take place online.  The most common examples being online training courses and study programs, which are increasingly being turned to by both employers and employees alike.

What Are the Benefits of Online CPD?

Once again, the benefits of online CPD can be viewed from two perspectives – employee benefits and employer benefits.  Just a few examples of how online CPD opportunities can be advantageous include:

  • Significantly lower costs for the business
  • Unique accessibility and flexibility
  • Access to a comprehensive range of courses and programs
  • The ability to study anytime and from any place
  • Quicker completion (50% faster than traditional courses)
  • Recognised qualifications and certificates
  • Simpler management of staff CPD opportunities

How Do Online Training Courses Work?

Once enrolled, the employee will receive all resources and learning materials required to successfully complete the course.  Each course is broken down into manageable, digestible units, while expert tutor support is available at all times. The candidate simply needs a computer with a reliable Internet connection – the rest is provided as standard.

What About Assessments/Exams?

In order to gauge the knowledge and progress made by the employee, each unit concludes with an assessment.  These assessments are then emailed to the candidate’s assigned tutor for moderation, after which the results and feedback are communicated.  There is no requirement for classroom attendance at any time during the course.

How Much Do Online Training Courses Cost?

Prices vary in accordance with the course chosen and its level, but online training opportunities are guaranteed exponentially cheaper than comparable classroom-based equivalents.

How and When Can I Enrol?

Whether interested in enrolling yourself or any number of your employees, enrolment is open 365 days a year and can be completed online in a matter of minutes.  Should you have any further questions about enrolment, course availability or costs, our customer service team is standing by to take your call.

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