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Complaints Handling


Customer Complaint Handling Procedure

In business, complaints are only viewed in a negative light by those who lack the skills to deal with them proactively. Complaints give an organisation the unique opportunity to demonstrate its customer service commitment and capabilities. Though the severity and nature of complaints will always differ, each example gives the business every chance to turn a negative into a positive. Not to mention, the opportunity to highlight its professionalism and dedication to a much wider audience. Every complaint is unique, calling for an established and effective customer complaint handling procedure. Complaints represent the kind of critically important feedback every business needs to grow, evolve and improve. Which is why the worst thing any business can do is approach complaints negatively, or simply ignore them altogether.

This inspiring tutorial has been designed for senior customer service staff, business owners, managers and anyone involved in complaint handling. Study a breakdown of the effective customer complaint handling procedure, along with common reasons for customer grievances and the different types of complainers. Explore a series of guidelines for proactive complaint management, how to determine adequate solutions to customer problems and the importance of both monitoring and reviewing complaint handling standards.



  • Outline the common reasons of customer’s grievances
  • Recognise the importance of having an effective complaint management Process.

Programme Content


  • Performance Response Standards
  • Reasons for Customer Grievances
  • Types of Complainers
  • Complaint Management
  • The Complaint Management Process
  • Guidelines for Handling Complaints
  • Complaints Analysis Reports
  • Resolving Problems and Quality-Improvement Activities
  • Decide the Means to Select the Preferred Solution
  • Implement, Monitor and Review

Target Audience

  • Customers support staff
  • Any customer care workers pursuing CPD
  • Business owners, managers and supervisors
  • Team leaders and supervisors.
  • Telesales workers and operators
  • Candidates seeking to expand their career opportunities


This is a standalone course and assumes no prior knowledge.


  • Participants:8 - 400
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Participation:Only collaborative

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