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Event Concept and Theme


Concept of Event Management

In some instances, clients will be extremely clear and precise with regard to their chosen theme and concept.  In others, they expect the event planners they work with to take care of everything.  Deciding on an appropriate theme for an event can be uniquely demanding and challenging.  The reason being that whatever decision is reached, it will have a big effect on everything that happens thereafter.  If the chosen event theme and concept are inappropriate or imperfect, so too will by the event as a whole.  Along with extraordinary creativity and vision therefore, event planners must also be logical, mindful and imaginative at all times.

Explore the Concept of Event Management and selection process with this exclusive tutorial.  Study an extensive range of important sub-topics, including the brainstorming process, how to develop an initial theme for an event, creative elements, identification and estimation of costs and income sources, staging and furnishing, entertainment, venue selection and use, tips for working with suppliers and contractors, safety considerations, catering operations, accessibility, crowd management, public transportation management, ticketing and more.



  • List the five ‘Ws of event creation and apply them to the creation of an event concept.
  • Explain the key steps involved in event budgeting
  • Explain the basic steps involved in developing a site plan for an event

Programme Content


  • Event Concept and Theme
  • Theming the Programme
  • Environmental Scanning
  • The Brainstorming Process
  • How to Develop a Theme for an Event
  • Creative Elements
  • Topics of Theme Parties
  • Identify and estimate costs and income
  • Possible Event Expenditure Items and Income Sources
  • Entertainment
  • Stage and furnishing
  • The Venue
  • Unreimbursed Supplies
  • Tips for Working with Quotes or Contracts:
  • Safety Consideration for Catering Operations
  • Traffic Signs and Highway Department Road Closures
  • Public Transportation Management
  • Crowd Management
  • Ticketing

Target Audience

  • Business owners and managers who organise events
  • Small business owners looking to improve performance
  • Anyone interested in setting up their own business
  • Individual working in hospitality industry and seeking for CPD
  • Events management staff looking to expand knowledge and skills
  • Candidates looking to enhance their CVs
  • Anyone interested in developing knowledge and skills about events management.


No prior knowledge is required to take this unit.


  • Participants:8 - 400
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Participation:Only collaborative

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