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Planning Essentials for an Interior Design Scheme


Essentials of Project Planning in Interior Design

Contrary to popular belief, the most critical stage in the interior design process isn’t the physical implementation of the proposal.  Nor is it the creation of a creative and striking vision in the first place.  The reason being that both of these stages are rendered inconsequential and redundant, in the absence of effective planning.  As is the case in all examples of project management, meticulous planning holds the key to successful results.  The more accurately, comprehensively and strategically an interior design project is planned, the greater the likelihood of its success.  By contrast, cut corners with planning to save time or money and the entire project may be jeopardised as a result.

This exclusive tutorial has been designed for anyone looking to become a more confident and capable interior designer.  Study a detailed breakdown of the essentials of project planning in interior design, including initial information gathering, sketching ideas, creating a decorating schedule, assembling schemes, producing sample boards, working with scheme sheets and more.



  • understand how to present interior projects using verbal and graphic communication skills,
  • explain how to select materials, finishes, mood and sample board techniques

Programme Content


  • Information Gathering
  • Sketching up Ideas
  • Decorating Schedule
  • Assembling a Scheme
  • Making a Sample Board
  • Scheme Sheet

Target Audience

  • Anyone looking to set up an interior design business
  • Existing business owners looking to expand and improve
  • Confident , self motivated and passionate candidates
  • Interior design workers seeking for CPD
  • Interior designers looking to expand knowledge and skills
  • Candidates looking to enhance their CVs
  • Anyone interested in developing knowledge and skills about interior designing


No prior knowledge is required to take this unit.


  • Participants:8 - 400
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Participation:Only collaborative

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