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Preparing and Implementing a Safety Plan


Workplace Health and Safety Strategic Plan

Most workplaces could do with taking their current health and safety standards a step further. In the absence of flawless health and safety performance, there is always room for improvement. Safe working cultures are built upon strong health and safety frameworks, involving every member of the workforce from top to bottom. Health and safety plans can only succeed when each contributor knows and understands their obligations, with everyone working toward an important collective goal. Preparation, implementation and ongoing monitoring are of equal importance, if the safety plan is to have a beneficial impact on the business and its workforce.

Anyone looking to take their health and safety management skills to a higher level could benefit from this expert tutorial. Learn how to write an effective safety plan from scratch, implement the program effectively and continually monitor its performance. Explore incident documentation processes, important investigations techniques and how to respond to incidents professionally and proactively.



  • Help your organization write, implement, and review a safety plan

Programme Content


  • Writing a Safety Plan
  • Implementing the Plan
  • Incident Management
  • Responding to Incidents
  • Documenting Incidents
  • Investigating Incidents
  • Reviewing the Program

Target Audience

  • Business owners, managers , team leaders and supervisors
  • Candidates seeking to expand their career opportunities
  • Hospitality workers
  • Small business entrepreneurs
  • Anyone considering to start their own business
  • All type of work force in any business


No prior knowledge is required to take this unit.


  • Participants:8 - 400
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Participation:Only collaborative

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