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Recruitment and Selection in Hospitality Industry


Recruitment and Selection in Hospitality Industry

Nothing has a greater impact on an organisation as a whole than the decisions made during the recruitment process. Every candidate brought into the team at any level has a unique and wide-reaching effect on the business and its performance. A little like the components of an engine, it’s only when each and every role is filled by the perfect recruit that the business can run to its maximum capacity. In all other cases, it may be underperforming. Effective recruitment and selection in the hospitality industry takes skill, experience and plenty of targeted knowledge. This is one area in which taking chances on the wrong candidates can have catastrophic, sometimes irreversible consequences.

If you’d like to become more capable and confident in the recruitment and selection process, this advanced tutorial is for you. Explore a breakdown of the recruitment and selection process in the hospitality industry, along with a series of factors that affect contemporary recruitment. Learn how to create a business-wide recruitment policy, with the best interests of the organisation and its workforce in mind.



  • Discuss the importance of Planning in Recruitment Process
  • Explore the Ideal Recruitment procedures
  • Identify the Importance of Interview in Recruitment

Programme Content


  • Flexible Employees
  • The Importance of Planning Ahead
  • Describing the Job to be done
  • The Job Description
  • Describing the Ideal Recruit
  • Attracting Candidates
  • Advertising
  • Getting Information from the Candidates
  • Selection
  • Role Plays

Target Audience

  • Confident, self motivated and passionate individuals
  • Hospitality workers seeking for CPD
  • Hospitality staff  looking to expand knowledge and skills
  • Candidates looking to enhance their CVs
  • Anyone interested to expand their knowledge


No prior knowledge is required to take this unit.


  • Participants:8 - 400
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Participation:Only collaborative

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