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What is Environment?


What is Environment?

What is ‘environment’? Roughly defined, the term ‘environment’ refers to the total collective sum of the surroundings of a living organism, including all natural and manmade influences/forces. When we think of the environment, we typically think of the conditions in which we ourselves and other animals live. Though most people acknowledge the importance of environmental awareness and conservation, comparatively few support the cause actively. Without the due care, attention and respect of the people in general, current environmental issues only stand to worsen with time. As we all have a direct impact on the environment in which we live, we must all take responsibility for key environmental issues.

This inspiring ‘What is Environment?’ tutorial has been designed for anyone interested in working in environmental management. Explore the natural environment and its components, along with a breakdown of ecosystems and their importance. Study the food chain and food web, the manmade environment and learn how sustainable development is becoming increasingly important for modern society.



  • What an environment is
  • Identify the components of eco-system
  • Describe the terms sustainability and sustainable development

Programme Content


  • Natural Environment and its Components
  • The Eco System
  • Components of Ecosystem
  • Functional Components of an Ecosystem
  • Food Chain and Food Web
  • Man-made Environment
  • What Is Sustainable Development

Target Audience

  • Candidates interested in science and environment
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Environment professionals looking to maintain their CPD


No prior knowledge is required to take this unit.


  • Participants:8 - 400
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Participation:Only collaborative

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