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Continuing Professional Development (CPD): What is CPD?
Continuing Professional Development (CPD): What is CPD? Defining continuing professional development (CPD) can be difficult, as it means different things to different people. CPD can take a wide variety of forms - anything from networking to private study to peer coaching. But however CPD is approached, the main objective is the same - the ongoing pursuit of professional development and improvement. As job market competition intensifies across all... Read More
Achieving CPD Online: How Can I Boost My CPD Profile?
Achieving CPD Online: How Can I Boost My CPD Profile? Commitment to continuous professional development (CPD) is all well and good, but it can nonetheless throw a variety of logistical issues into the mix. You’re already working fulltime and have a busy personal life, technically leaving you with little time for much else. Which begs the question - is it possible to pursue and achieve CPD online?  If so, which are the most effective and... Read More
Keeping Busy in Lockdown: CPD Online Courses During Self-Isolation
CPD online courses are proving a popular pursuit for millions during the recently imposed lockdown. Making the best of a bad situation isn’t always easy, but there’s no time like right now to start working towards a brighter future. Stuck in Self-Isolation? Why Not Study Online? The phrase “a lot can change in a week” has never seemed more apt than right now.  Incredibly, it’s now estimated that more than half... Read More
Training and Development in HRM
For the benefit of both the workforce and the entire organisation, training and development in HRM should be treated as a priority.  The investment (or otherwise) any business makes in its workforce will always be reflected in the performance and efficiency of the entire organisation.  For anyone working in HRM, nothing should matter more than providing every employee with the opportunity to progress. Training and development in human resource... Read More
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