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HR Management Level 4

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HR Management Level 4

Course Overview

HR Diploma Online

Human resources is the glue that keeps every business together. The importance of diligent and skilled employees in an organization cannot be measured. This HR Diploma Online teaches the proper strategies for notable improvement and appropriate management. For those interested, this course is 100% self-paced and requires no previous knowledge, it is available anywhere in the world and comes with assignments and complete tutor support.

Our Level 4 Diploma in Human Resources Online consists of eight units, each contains specific skills to be learnt. It begins with an introduction to human resource management and the recruitment and selection of potential staff. Then it discusses the importance of addressing employee relations, appraising employee performance and training & development for the staff of an organization. It points out the most effective strategies used to manage staff performance and explains the process of rewarding staff as a motivation technique. The course ends with the definition and methods of enforcing equity and diversity in an organization.


Course Syllabus

This Level 4 Human Resources Diploma Online contains eight units:

Unit 1: Human Resource Management Introduction

Unit 1 is an introduction to the course, it defines human resources explaining its key features and enumerates the roles of the human resource department. It also states the various methods and importance of proper human resource management.

Unit 2: Develop and Implement Recruitment and Selection Strategies

There are several responsibilities of the human resource management staff in a company or an organization, one of which includes hiring staff. This unit educates candidates on deducing the appropriate time for recruitment in each department, explains the qualities of a diligent worker and how to identify them.

Unit 3: Employee Relations and Recognition

The human resource management department is expected to pay attention to employee relations and ensure their requests and complaints are tackled. Candidates are taught the important standards to put in place in an organization and the methods of ensuring those standards are met.

Unit 4: Appraising Employee Performance

Performance appraisal can also be referred to as performance evaluation. Its definition, objectives, steps, types and importance are extensively discussed in this unit of the course. The appraisal process is also explained.

Unit 5: The Importance of Training & Development in the Workplace

Improving team performance in an organization is one of the effective steps to take for the growth of a business. Unit 5 gives the various benefits of training employees and introducing them to additional skills that can improve their work.

Unit 6: Performance Management of Workers

Constant interaction with employees is crucial for efficient staff performance. This unit outlines the functions of proper staff management and the methods of inflating viable results with employee performance.

Unit 7: Motivating and Rewarding Employees

Rewards play a great part in employee motivation. This unit helps candidates in understanding the types of reward that would yield an increase in productivity and the positive effects of employee motivation on the growth of an organization.

Unit 8: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Unit 8 is the concluding unit, it gives the methods of eliminating any existing discrimination or racism, maintaining equity and diversity in the workplace and states the benefits of employee cooperation in an organization.

Career Path

The diploma in human resource management qualifies candidates for any position in the human resource management department of any organization or company. Candidates will be provided with a certificate upon completion of the course. The average salary for a starter in HRM begins with £25,000 and increases with experience.

Who Shoud Take This Course
  • Anyone interested in human resources
  • Everyone
  • Business owners
  • Anyone looking to work in management

This course has been accredited under ABC Awards Quality Licence Scheme by CPD Limited which has been approved as ABC Awards QLS centre to give formal recognition to courses. At the end of this course successful learners will be awarded a certificate of achievement by ABC Awards. The training courses have been designed specifically to meet the needs of learners who prefer to study from home. The course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 4 (using Ofqual's Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors) to allow you to consider the depth of study, difficulty, and level of achievement involved.

What is ABC Awards?

ABC Awards is a national awarding organisation that has years of experience in developing and awarding high quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries. They have a comprehensive portfolio of over 650 Ofqual regulated qualifications on the national Qualifications and Credit framework (QCF) for all ages and abilities post-14.

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Level Level 4
Duration 260 Hours
Endorsement Body Endorsed By ABC Awards and Certa Awards


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