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Introduction to Human Resource Management


Introduction of Human Resource Planning

Human resources are the most important and valuable assets in any organisation. It’s the human workforce that allows the business to operate and remain viable. As such, there’s a direct correlation between the quality of a firm’s HR contingency and its overall performance. If the workforce isn’t up to scratch, it’s impossible for the wider business to reach its maximum potential. Unfortunately, human resources rarely realise their full potential, without careful and constant nurturing.  Which is where skilled HR managers come in – those responsible for bringing the best out of every single employee company-wide. Quite simply, outstanding HR teams cannot exist without the efforts and supervision of elite HR managers.

This targeted tutorial is ideal for business owners, managers, supervisors and anyone working in an HR capacity. Explore the basics of contemporary HR management, along with the purpose and importance of job analysis. Study professional forecasting techniques, a brief introduction of human resource planning, how to work with a skills inventory checklist and what it takes to extract the full potential from any workforce.



  • Understanding the objectives of HRM
  • Discussing the Scope of HRM
  • Learning what Strategic Human Resources Management entails
  • Recognising and identifying the functions of HRM

Programme Content


  • The Basics of HR Management
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence
  • Skills Inventory Checklist
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Understanding Job Analysis
  • The Purpose of Job Analysis
  • Job Analysis Methods
  • Job Analysis Formats
  • Requirement Driven Product Selection

Target Audience

  • Existing HR workers looking to develop their CPD
  • Business owners, managers , team leaders and supervisors
  • Individuals looking to enhance their CVs


This is a standalone course and assumes no prior knowledge.


  • Participants:8 - 400
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Participation:Only collaborative

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